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Mirror maker 2 labs


The last up to date mirror maker 2 enablement is in the tech academy content.


The following steps need to be done to get the configurations for the different scenario and the docker-compose file to start a local cluster.

  1. Clone the lab repository

git clone
1. Get Docker desktop and docker compose on your local computer.

Kafka Mirror Maker 2 Labs

These hands-on labs walk you through building and testing Kafka Mirror Maker 2 replication.

Scenario Description Link
Lab 1 Replicate from Event Streams on Cloud to local Kafka. Kafka Mirror Maker 2 - Lab 1
Lab 2 Replicate from Event Streams CP4I to local Kafka. Kafka Mirror Maker 2 - Lab 2
Lab 3 Using Mirror Maker 2 Active Passive mirroring Kafka Mirror Maker 2 - Lab 3