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Event Streams

To start playing with Event Streams we propose two set of labs:

  1. Use IBM Event Streams managed service on IBM Cloud
  2. Use Event Streams as part of the Cloud Pak for Integration

Demonstrate Event Streams on OpenShift from A to Z

Script in separate note

IBM Event Streams within the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

The product documentation on how to install Event Streams on Openshift is where to go to get the last updates.

  1. Lab exercise: A detail step-by-step Event Streams installation on OpenShift
  2. Lab exercise: Demonstrate Starter Application
  3. Lab exercise: Schema Registry on OpenShift Container Platform
  4. Lab exercise: Monitoring IBM Event Streams on OpenShift Container Platform

IBM Event Streams on IBM Cloud

  1. Lab exercise: Provision IBM Event Streams as Managed Services using IBM Cloud console
  2. Lab exercise: Addressing Security and access control
  3. Lab exercise: How to use Schema Registry with an entreprise plan
  4. Lab exercise: Monitoring IBM Event Streams on Cloud