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Learning Journey - Be an expert (301 content)

In this article we are presenting more advanced concepts and guidances for developer and operation teams.

Security review - RBAC

Producer advanced

In this section, we address how to support exactly once delivery between producer and consumer, discuss about idempotence and avoid getting duplicate messages from the producer.

Consumer Advanced

Consumers are not that easy to implement well when we need to address idempotence and exactly once delivery. We are covering more about advance concepts for consumer in the offset management section.

Anatomy of an event-driven microservice

Adoption Domain Driven Design

Reactive system

We have introduction and overview of why Reactive Manifesto is important and the supporting technologies, in this article.

Quarkus Reactive Messaging

Learn more abour schema registry




Deployment with GitOps practices

Deploying a Kafka Connect Confluent MQ connector with SSL security to MQ

Here there is the eda-lab-mq-to-kafka repository which goes into all the configuration and steps that need to be done to connect Kafka Connect to MQ on the Confluent platform.