Reference Solution Implementations

Application modernization is a journey of moving existing applications to a more modern cloud-native infrastructure. A high level overview of key application modernization concepts is available in the Application Modernization Field Guide and the IBM Architecture Center Application Modernization reference architecture


There are several approaches to application modernization and provided are key reference implementations for approaching your implementation

Runtime modernization

  • Runtime modernization -- Updating the application runtime to a suitable cloud-native framework (Liberty) and deploying in Red Hat OpenShift. This solution shows different deployment options including using modern CI/CD tools (Tekton & ArgoCD) and using heritage CI/CD tools (Jenkins)

Spring Framework modernization

  • Spring modernization -- Updated a prior Spring application by updating to the latest Spring Boot and deploying in Red Hat OpenShift

Operational modernization with Heritage CI/CD tools

  • Operation modernization -- Repackaging the application to deploy within a container but maintaining a monolith application without changes to the application or runtime

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